Popular Posts & Blog's Stats widgets for Blogger

It has been almost 2 months since Blogger introduced the “Stats” feature. Now they have gone a step further by introducing 2 Gadgets related to the “Stats”. Blogger has now got a “Popular Posts” Gadget and a “Blog’s Stats” Gadget.(These are currently available only on Blogger in Draft).

Popular Posts Gadget

Blogger has always lacked such a gadget. There used to be some Yahoo Pipe based widgets, which list out the most commented posts. But these were pretty slow and inefficient. Now Blogger has got this Official Popular Posts Gadget.As the name indicates, the Gadget displays a list of popular posts on your blog.  Here is a Screen Shot of the Gadget Options


Blog’s Stats Gadget

The Blog’s Stats Gadget displays your Blog’s stats in one of the different graphical(or textual) formats. The Gadget Options will give you a better idea

How to add these Gadgets to your blog?

These Gadgets are not available in your regular Dashboard. So login to Blogger in Draft at http://draft.blogger.com . Now Go to Design > Page Elements and Click on the “Add a Gadget Link” and you will see the 2 new Gadgets
What do you think of the ne Gadgets?


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