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Technorati is an Internet search engine particularly for searching blogs.Technorati has a ranking system based on the number of references made to the blog.I have now made a widget which will display your technorati rank in a similar way as the feedburner count is displayed.The widget also comes with a Add to Technorati feature which allows your blog readers to favorite your blog at Technorati.Com

You can see a demo of the widget here on my test site.

To get this widget working you will have to get a Technorati API key from here.
Copy out the technorati api key and give the details in the widget installer below..
You should give the following details there..
1)Your Site Url
2)Technorati API Key..

If you like my widgets, why not favorite me at technorati using this link :)

I had lost all my technorati ranking and authority when i moved to the new domain..

Note: If you are reading this in a Feed Reader the widget installer wont be displayed.So visit the actual article on the site to install the widget.


soniya rawat said...

very nice post thank you for sharing with us.
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Azeem said...
Sir you are Great Nice post

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